Nationex, your business partner for a greener future!

Nationex has been in the parcel delivery business across Canada since 1980. Most recently, we've set ourselves the goal of becoming a leader in sustainable delivery by offering innovative solutions to create a better future for generations to come.

"We want all roads that are electrifiable to be electrifiable by 2025. The technology is mature, customers are demanding such services, and the climate emergency reminds us that there's not a second to lose" said Catryn Pinard, President and CEO of Nationex.

To kick off this major shift, our fleet of nearly 70 clean vehicles will be hitting the streets of several Quebec cities and Ottawa this fall. Below are the cities that will be served by the end of 2023 (subject to change).

Coupled with our high standards in terms of customer experience, we are a partner that will help you reduce your carbon footprint, while ensuring your customers' satisfaction.

"For the 3rd time, I have received a parcel for which Nationex is the delivery service chosen by the merchant. Once again, I really want to express my positive appreciation. Each time, the parcel is delivered to my floor, the deliverymen are courteous and don't leave the parcel in front of the door at the entrance to the building. Also, I had to contact customer service twice to change delivery dates, and again, the ladies were very kind and helpful, and the dates were respected. Thank you Nationex [...]!"

- Guylaine, Gatineau, Qc

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